Da Nang steak restaurant, eat while looking at the dragon bridge, La Cabana

This is review from Amy. Amy posted a review of her visit to La Cabana, a steak restaurant located right in front of Danang's famous attractions, Dragon Bridge and Love Pier :) on naver blog:

hello. It's Amy :)
Today, I am posting a review of my visit to La Cabana, a steak restaurant located right in front of Danang's famous attractions, Dragon Bridge and Love Pier :)
This was my first time seeing that there was a Subway in Da Nang.
It’s right next door to Subway🤗
The lights are so sparkly that they really stand out!!
I guess drinks are buy 1 get free 1 during happy hour^^ There is a menu before going in, so you can take a look at it before going in !!

They say it's a tomahawk airlifted from Argentina. The interior also has a bit of a South American feel.
You can also see the Argentine flag frame :)
The pictures are so cute and attractive too !

All the tables were neatly set and the dishes were neatly set up :) Perhaps because we arrived a little early, there weren't many customers yet and there were two tables outside on the second floor. Seeing that there are quite a few employees, it seems like a lot of customers come here on a regular basis^^ The employees and the boss are all very nice.
You were kind!!
Maybe it was the fresh new interior atmosphere, but I felt something new! 😀
This is the first floor taken from the stairs going up to the second floor!

The tables on the second floor are all set up and organized. There seemed to be quite a few tables. The second floor also had cute(?) picture frames hanging there. But I was going to eat steak, but when I saw the picture of the cow... I felt sorry for no reason^^;;
The child said that the cow looks sad... 🥹
When I really listened to it, it seemed like the cow's eyes looked sad ...
We went outside on the second floor.
The lights were bright and sparkling ^^
You can see the Han River, Dragon Bridge, and Pier of Love right outside :) You can kill two birds with one stone by seeing famous landmarks while eating delicious food!!
I forgot to take a picture of the menu.
I found it on Google and uploaded it ㅜㅜ 😅
Bread came out first.
With sauces I've never tried before...
Even if I tried it, I couldn't explain it... It was a new tasting sauce that I had tried for the first time ^^
Appetizer ordered with tomahawk
Cheese sticks and calamari came out.
And the kids ordered orange juice and pineapple juice, and we thought about drinking wine, but decided to try a cocktail for the first time in a while!!^^ A glass of mojito and a glass of margarita~
( But it's too strong for my wife and I who aren't good at drinking... It’s a secret that I couldn’t even finish half of it and ordered an extra cola)
Since it is a steak restaurant, salt and pepper were provided. It tastes better when you grind it on the spot :)
Tomahawk is finally here!!!!
The size is huge~~
In Korea, you have to pay about 200,000 won to eat this size... but here, you can eat it for much cheaper.^^
It was 185,000 dong for 100 grams... It's less than 10,000 won... It's the price^^ It's the best!
It is less than half the price in Korea, which costs 24,000 won for 100 grams. The bright visuals are a bonus~~~😗🙃👍
We added the mushroom cream sauce recommended by the owner, and it was a hit ^^
They cut the shiitake mushrooms and served them separately, and eating them with a sauce that tasted like they were made from ground mushrooms gave them more flavor and tasted better. They first showed me the grilled tomahawk steak on the table, and they cut it right next to me :)
The roasted tomatoes that came with it were very thick and very delicious. I want to eat them again....
I wanted to eat well for the kids, but
I asked for medium well done~ The medium well done skewers(?) that came out were cute too🤗
Cut the steak right next to you. Even if an adult holds it, it is very big😛🫢I will also upload a video of the cutting!!:)
Once the steak has been cut, they arrange it beautifully and place it on top. It's even more delicious when you eat it on a warm, large plate given to each person, plating it as you like.😚
It's nice because you can keep heating it over a low heat(?) and eat it.
Grilled tomatoes are delicious anytime you eat them !!
A night view taken after the first guests left~
Isn’t it so cool :) The dragon bridge also changes color. In the evening, something feels grander😀
I saw the youngest in my family holding a tomahawk bone.
It's really huge 😲😍.

La Cabana with a beautiful view in front of Dragon Bridge in Da Nang