La Cabana confirms to keep the security of information provided by individual customers when logging into any websites and applications (apps) owned by La Cabana. We believe that it’s important for you to know how we secure your information. If you do not accept these terms of privacy, please discontinue using our web/app immediately.

La Cabana may adjust this privacy policy at any time when we deem it necessary, so please log in to the website regularly to update latest information. This Privacy Policy will take effect from December 2022.


La Cabana may collect the following personal information from customers, including: full name, address, ID card, mobile phone number, email address, credit card information and any other information if you agree to provide us. This information will present when the customer:

- Logging in La Cabana websites or apps;
- Joining our competitions and promotion programs;
- Joning La Cabana customer surveys and any other surveys conducted by La Cabana’s partners (if any);
- Sending email to La Cabana
- Registering to be an La Cabana regular customer;
- Responding to La Cabana as customer’s response.
- Ordering food on La Cabana website/apps;

If La Cabana collects your personal information from a third party, we will follow suitable procedures to notify customers.


La Cabana can use personal information provided by customers and process this information to provide goods and services to customers, as well as using them for any programs organised by La Cabana and/or La Cabana’s partners, as long as these programs are conducted publicly and transparently. Normally, we will use this personal information in a way that the customer wishes, including but not limited to, for any of the following purposes:

- Managing memberships of websites/apps if customers have registered for a membership with us.
- Processing customer orders through websites/apps.
- Calculating the number of customers accessing the website/application;
- Notifying prizes and purchases;
- Replying to customer’s specific requests;
- Informing customers of any changes/updates on websites/apps;
- Managing Marketing Research Programs;
- Sending customers information regarding promotion programs or information about products and services that can bring benefits to customers;
- Any other programs related to the above content and/or to support and provide other utilities to customers through the programs conducted by La Cabana and its partners.

Other information related to the use of customers’ personal information when customers use our online ordering system:

The online ordering system will also store information about customers’ orders to help customers remember and reset the menu for the next purchase.

In addition, La Cabana has the right to use personal information collected from the website/app for other purposes as follows:

- Set up and confirm users;
- Register, maintain, administer and preserve accounts of customers or members;
- Handle, preserve and respect communications;
- Support customers/users;
- Upgrade websites/apps, including, satisfying customer’s needs;
- Provide users with updated information about products and services, promotions and other information of La Cabana and cooperated organizations/partners;
- Respond to customer questions, comments and instructions;
- Maintain security & safety of our system;
- Other activities related to the above contents.

La Cabana uses hidden search programs to automatically collect information from the servers to manage, improve and upgrade the websites/apps, in order to provide users with better experiences.


La Cabana does not provide, share any personal information of its customers to a third party. Customer’s information will be strictly secured to prevent the risk of data loss. La Cabana may share customer’s personal information to its partner for operational purposes i.e. marketing campaigns, business advertisements. La Cabana has the right to share customer’s personal information when it is requested by government authorities for investigation purposes  or other requests as prescribed by law.


La Cabana will take necessary steps to ensure that the personal information collected is accurate, completed and up to date.

Customers can access their account on the website/app and edit their personal information. Customers also have the right to request for cancellation of their personal information at any time.


Every time a customer accesses La Cabana's website/app, our server will collect some hidden information, including the type of search engine and system that the customer uses, the address of the site that the customer accesses and deletes after accessing, the date and time of access and the IP address of the server that the customer is using.

La Cabana collects this information for the purpose of reviewing how the web/app is used, including the number of visits, how often and period of time of visits, most visited time. La Cabana will use this information to evaluate and upgrade its websites/apps.


La Cabana may use Web beacons on this website/app or other website/apps and allow third party to place Web beacons on this website/app to monitor the effectiveness of promotion or other legal purposes. Web beacons are also called web crawler. It is an object that is embedded in a web page or email which allows checking by website/app owner or a third party on whether a user has viewed the page or email. It is usually invisible to the user as its size is generally very small (1x1 gif) and has the same color as the web page, document or email. Web beacons are identified as HTML IMG on web pages. Users can click on the information option on the web page to find out whether Web beacons are used on the web page. Web beacons can link to personal information. For example, advertising network uses web beacons to add on personal information the web pages a person visited and based on such information to add a particular kind of advertising bars. Web beacons can also be used to independently track the number of people visiting the web site.


Promotional information, products and services provided by us on the website/app will only be sent with acceptance from customers and personal information provided by customers (includes email, phone number, address, ...)

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