Came to La Cabana twice to have steak platter and tomahawk steak

I came here twice every evening when I came to Da Nang.
The steak platter didn't have much of a smell, but

When I ate the Tomahawk, it had a bit of a smell.

Among the sauces, the mushroom sauce is the best.

The chicken and mushroom cream pasta has a strong cheese flavor and is soft and delicious.

The sausage had a strong peppery flavor.
Personally, I think the steak platter is a little better because there is no bone weight haha.

It's difficult to cross the road when you're stuck on it.
It was easy to cross thanks to the help of the owner.
☆ Great service ☆
From 숑슝

Amazing meal at La Cabana. Unreal from start to finish