Amazing meal at La Cabana. Unreal from start to finish

We had an amazing meal last night at La Cabana!  From start to finish it was unreal.  As soon as we arrived we were met by a welcoming gentlemen who we later learned was the owner.  He and the staff were helpful, happy and attentive during the meal, always asking how things were or if we needed anything else.  I love the atmosphere and vibe of the place and the location is amazing.

Now for the food.  The highlights for me were:
- The chorizo meatball appetizer.  Amazing, flavorful chorizo meatballs and a tomato sauce that itself was perfectly seasoned and was completely stopped up by the accompanying bread.
- The sides - We got mushrooms, mashed potatoes, sautéed spiced potatoes, chimichurri asparagus and chimichurri vegetables.  We could taste the Mushrooms were cooked in red wine, and that was amazing, never had them cooked in wine before, I may have to try that next time I cook them.  The sautéed spiced potatoes were amazing, cooked perfectly with lots of peppers and onions and full of flavor (don't let the name fool you they are not spiced, as in seasoned).  The veggies were all perfectly grilled and the chimichurri was great!
- Now for the meats!  We both order the 350gm Argentinian Ribeye - mine med-rare and Kathy's Med.  They were cooked perfectly, and the meat quality was great.  These were delicious and huge.  Kathy could not finish half of hers, so I may have helped her, somehow!  I cannot say enough about the quality and the cut of the meat.  Nice and thick, perfect amount of fat that was rendered well.

This place should certainly be on your list if you come to Da Nang!  You will not be disappointed!

From Frank Kays

Perfectly cooked steaks. One of best steakhouse in Da Nang