La Cabana with a beautiful view in front of Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

This is a blog from our Korean guest: Doran Doran. She has enjoyed a night with tomahawk steak and wine with her local friends as well as European atmosphere here. It is amazing.

hello. This is travel blogger Doran Doran. Hot news from yesterday! 

You all know that I’m in DANANG now ^^ On weekends, a lot of locals and tourists gather near Love Pier. ​ The night view is beautiful, so you should come in the evening ! ​ ​ It's nice during the day, but the weather is so hot that there are more people after the sun goes down. The lights were brightly lit and I started to drink, but it actually had Today again~ I came all the way to Danang Dragon Bridge to eat delicious food with my local friend! ​ It is easy to find as it is located right in front of the water-spouting dragon-shaped statue, just cross the crosswalk. ​​ ​ 

La Cabana with a view of Danang Dragon Bridge ​​ ​ Argentinian restaurant, La Cabana La Cabana - House of BBQ.

 Why Argentina in Vietnam? I also had that thought, but since beef = Argentina, it's In Korea, Korean beef farms need to be protected, and imports are not good for various reasons. There’s nothing like that here. If you’ve been to South America at least once, you’ve probably experienced the quality of Argentina. A class where you can even eat fried beef. ​ 

Anyway, I entered the entrance, but it didn't feel like a tourist attraction, so there weren't a single Korean . We are all foreigners, 99%~ We are the only Koreans. ​ Does it feel like you've suddenly moved from Vietnam to Europe? This is a place where you can have a special experience. When you come inside, the atmosphere is very European and sophisticated, so it feels amazing. You can stop by Danang Dragon Bridge and have dinner, so come with family or friends. ​​ ​ Wine list includes famous and South American ones. ​​ ​ 

You have to eat Tomahawk Wagu Wagu! When you think of beef, it's tomahawk. It is a very rare and expensive food even in Korea, so it is actually difficult to eat it except on special occasions. Now, it costs about 180,000 dong for 100g, so you can eat it cheaper than you think! Since you probably don't know how many grams is appropriate, I'll tell you roughly what I ate. ​ A total of 5 people came, 4 adults and 1 child . I ordered ​ In short, it's 900g (3-4 servings) and the price in Korea is about 90,000 won, so it's really good, right? 

Haha You can order a glass of wine by the bottle or by the glass. I drink wine sometimes, but I'm not the type of person who knows much about it. MINIMALISTA Malbec Mendoza from Argentina was recommended and I tried it haha. ​ As expected, beef and red wine are a fantastic combination ! ​​ ​ The wine list costs 6,000 to 7,000 won per glass, which is better than you think. ​​ ​

Excellent meat and delicious pesto sauce The ingredients were of very good quality, and the staff cut them into pretty pieces that were easy to eat and placed I ordered medium and it was just right, and I enjoyed it warm from start to finish. It's delicious just sprinkled with pepper and salt, but it's really delicious when eaten with special pesto sauce. ​ It has a refreshing and slightly spicy feel ​ It's a clean taste that you can't get from American-style steak. I can't explain it haha. If you eat just the meat at 100, when you eat it with pesto sauce, the flavor goes up to 250. If you pair it with wine, it becomes 350. What is the number? Well, that’s roughly it~ I can’t express it haha. ​ 

The smoked Iberico pork is also very flavorful ~ Haha What is this plump shrimp BBQ restaurant? Haha. This seems to be the magic pesto sauce signature. Order BBQ shrimp grilled directly on the grill. 

Is Argentine food really this delicious? ​​ ​ Hot place for foreigners, La Cabana Right across from Danang Dragon Bridge Water Spouting Sculpture. 

You can take pictures at the Pier of Love and enjoy As I looked, Europeans had already made reservations for places with good views, so their names were on the tables. 

Since I'm Korean, I wanted to eat something cool. I took a seat in a place with air conditioning. ​ It was a happy evening with a glass of wine~ 

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the view was nice~ the food was great ♥ ​ If you want to have a luxurious dinner with your family rather than Vietnamese style, this is a great place. Suddenly, I felt like I had traveled from Southeast Asia to Europe. It is popular among Europeans as well. As it has become a worldwide tourist destination, the food is also becoming more diverse. Don't eat local food every day. It would be a good idea to have a nice dinner. A great trip to Da Nang, a success today !! ​  La Cabana 👍👍👍 La Cabana - House of BBQ 505 Đ. Trần Hưng Đạo, An Hải Trung, Sơn Trà, Đà Nẵng 55000 Vietnam.

Excellent location in Da Nang city! Popular Argentinian steak restaurant La Cabana