Excellent location in Da Nang city! Popular Argentinian steak restaurant La Cabana

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This time, I visited a steak restaurant located along the Han River in a prime location in Da Nang.
Introducing La Cabana, a restaurant in Da Nang, Vietnam where you can enjoy tomahawk steak, with photos.

Steak restaurant near Dragon Bridge
La Cabana is located in the center of the city on Tran Hung Dao Street along the Han River.
A steak restaurant that opened in the winter of 2022 and is well known by residents.
Right in front of DHC Marina where Mar Dragon ( carp statue climbing waterfall ) is located, 1 minute walk from the head of Dragon Bridge, and about 3 minutes walk from Son Tra Night Market.
It is located in an area with very good access, so you can visit it in conjunction with sightseeing.

1st floor: Spacious atmosphere with counter and table seats


2nd floor: There are balcony seats and table seats, and you can enjoy the night view from the balcony.

A location where you can see Mardragon and Dragon Bridge!
The store is right in the middle of DHC Marina!
You can see Mardragon right in front of you from the balcony seats of the two-story restaurant.
Dragon Bridge is a location where you can clearly see the face if the trees are selected.
You can enjoy the bright atmosphere where you can see the red heart lighting along the Han River and the bustling sights of people visiting tourist spots.

Views along the river can be enjoyed from the balcony seats.

A location where you can go right under the dragon in just a few seconds on foot from the shop!
A steak restaurant with a nice atmosphere that you would want to come to on a date or a celebration♪
La Cabana is also reasonably priced!

It's spacious and has bright lighting, creating an unpretentious atmosphere where you can feel comfortable coming in, so it's suitable for everyone from solo travelers to groups.

This time we will introduce you to some popular menu items as well as some recommended by the author. 

It's full of volume in both appearance and quantity! Popular menu item is tomahawk steak

At La Cabana, we use meat from Argentina.
The store's most popular T-bone steak is available in orders starting at 1kg.
If you order appetizers, the portion will serve 3 to 4 people, and the price will start from 1,850,000 VND (approximately 10,000 yen).

1kg T-bone steak

Cut right in front of the table

We recommend medium ◎ If it is not cooked enough, you can have it cooked additionally.

Highly satisfying meaty taste!

Appetizers and bread are also delicious.

There is also a wide selection of appetizers such as salads and soups.
Bread with two types of sauces is included as a service♪ 

Potato soup 95,000VND, Caesar salad 130,000VND
Recommended for large groups! Many dishes to share
In addition to the most popular T-bone, there are many other meat dishes that can be shared!

La Cabana Mix Grill, which has 3 types of meat and weighs 750g in total, is perfect for two people or a group meal.

La Cabana Mix Grill(950,000VND)
In addition to steak, La Cabana also offers a wide variety of dishes such as pasta and hamburgers.
One person can enjoy 100g of beef for around 175,000 VND (approximately 1000 yen).
The menu can be checked from their website.

If you're looking for a steakhouse near Dragon Bridge, try La Cabana! 

Due to its great location right in front of Mardragon, it is especially busy on weekend nights.
If you are looking for a steak restaurant in Da Nang, why not give it a try?
La Cabana - House of BBQ
Business hours: 16:00-23:00
Address: 505 Tran Hung Dao, An Hai Trung, Son Tra, Da Nang, Vietnam
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lacabanadn

Clean Argentinian steakhouse with high quality of steak