Clean Argentinian steakhouse with high quality of steak

At first, we weren't sure about going to an Argentian restaurant while in Vietnam, but we were pleasantly surprised. The restaurant has an upscale and clean atmosphere with fairly low prices for the high quality of the food, which was served by very polite wait staff. 
Honestly, it felt like a steal (if you get a steak, I recommend getting the mushroom sauce with it). We also chose the restaurant because it is close to the Dragon Bridge. The food came out pretty fast and after finishing, we walked across the street to watch the dragon breathe fire and water. We also got the chance to meet the owner who was lovely (apparently, he created this restaurant because of his love for Messi). Overall, it was a great experience with great food. Would definitely come here again the next time we visit Da Nang.
From Judy Nguyen

Affordable steakhouse if you are looking more fine dining in Da Nang