All day dining or Argentinian steakhouse ?

From La Cabana: Ray visited our venue 1 year ago, when we just opened. We have limited menu items and have been improving a lot since then. Our improvements have been received many positive reviews from customers all over the world. La Cabana has been recognised in top 1 steak house in Da Nang 2024 now by Tripadvisor and local expat community in Da Nang. Thanks for his honest review. We have more than 500 reviews with average of 4.9 on Google,  more than 200 reviews with average of 5.0 on Tripadvisor.

Menu resembles more of an all day dining restaurant than an Argentinian steakhouse.

There are a couple of Argentinian beef options on the menu, that’s it. Whether this is a great place to dine is questionable.


- staff are very friendly and concerned with experience
- free bread at the start of service
- wine by the glass was decent


- steak ordered just didn’t meet the satiety level I would want from a restaurant
- sauces are 55k - a practice in high end fine dining steak restaurants where the sauce is actually worth it, but when it percolates to a lower standard restaurant, it means nothing
- spiced potatoes were just boiled and tasteless potatoes
- grilled chimichurri asparagus was equally disappointing

Overall there are better options for steak in Da Nang. Wish them luck but really, I can’t justify going to a steakhouse and just getting mediocre steak.

From Raj Taneja (Ray Ray Ray)

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